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Two Wings


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> Two Wings Introduction
> Track Listing
> Musicians
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> Liner Notes
> Track Descriptions
> Reviews & Quotes
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- Album of the Year finalist, Independent Music Awards
- #1, Folk DJ airplay chart, 10/05
- #7, Freeform American Roots airplay chart, 12/05
- #18, Roots Blues Chart, 12/05  {View Roots Blues Chart}

--{  Two Wings Introduction  }--

Two Wings, 2005, is a spirited collection of country blues and ballads ranging from the beseeching title cut to Lauren's haunting rendition of the old-time standard, Red Rocking Chair. Once again complimenting Lauren's singing and fine guitar and banjo picking is the virtuoso harmonica playing of international Piedmont blues star Phil Wiggins (Cephas and Wiggins). " exceptional vocalist and quite engaging throughout this highly recommended set...a disc well worth tracking down," Robert Tilling, Blues In Britain magazine, 11/2005.  Read full review

"I'm the folk director for WNMC 90.7 FM - Traverse City, MI. Two wings is one of the best new albums I have heard all year and I am putting it immediately into our current folk rotation. Thanks. Any chance we can get a copy of your earlier album to review?"

- Bob Brown

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--{  Track Listing  }--

1 - Two Wings   /  3:54

2 - Won't You Be Kind   /  4:03

3 - Lonesome Day Blues   /  3:08

4 - Are You Tired Of Me?   /  3:16

5 - Farewell Swallowtail   /  2:01

6 - Drunk Man Blues   /  3:40

7 - Risin' River Blues   /  4:16

8 - In My Girlish Days   /  2:25

9 - Del ta Queen   /  0:47

10 - Kind Hearted Woman   /  4:07

11 - God's Gonna Ease My Troublin' Mind   /  3:36

12 - Statesboro Blues   /  4:24

13 - Only One And Only   /   4:44

14 - Red Rocking Chair   /  2:36

Total time:  47:08

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--{  Musicians  }--

Lauren Sheehan, guitars, banjo, vocals.

Phil Wiggins - harmonica, tracks 1,2,6,7,11,13

Bill Uhlig - bass, tracks 2,3,8,10,11

Ryc Williamson - bass, tracks 1,4,7,13

Peter "Spud" Siegel - mandolin, tracks 4,13

Dick Titterington - trumpet, tracks 3,8

Kate Power - harmony vocal, track 4

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--{  Credits  }--

- Produced by Alan Garren/Waltzing Bear Audio, Lauren Sheehan and Billy Oskay
- Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Billy Oskay at Big Red Studio, Corbett, OR
- Graphics by Joseph Chaijaroen of Asmble
- Photography by Michael Kevin Daly

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--{  Liner Notes  }--

While preparing for the 2005 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, it suddenly seemed like a good idea to record the music from my competition sets when I got back home. In the studio, the project blossomed into this full CD which includes a number of folk and old time songs. Two Wings reflects the range of music I love to play.

Thanks to the hard-working Cascade Blues Association folks who endorsed my journey to Memphis. Thanks to friends in Corbett, Oregon for food and company during the recording sessions; to my tribe for its unfailing encouragement, spirit, love and honesty; to musicians who continue to pass great music on to me; to the fine musicians who played on this project; to Klaus, Alan, and Billy for their technical, aesthetic and therapeutic perspectives; to Zoe and Luke for carrying on as if having a musician Mom is normal, and to Ed for his wellspring of enthusiasm and support.

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--{  Track Descriptions  }--

1 - Two Wings (trad)
An old spiritual I heard from Rev. Maynard Soper in a hotel lobby jam session in Memphis, 2000. Years later, when I found my old napkin with the lyrics scribbled on it, I recreated the song from the feel I remembered. Billy Oskay helped with the arrangement.

2 - Won't You Be Kind (Hattie Hart)
I learned this from her recording, rearranging the piano part for guitar.

3 - Lonesome Day Blues (Willie McTell, ASCAP)
I got the idea to substitute a horn for the vocal patter and really enjoyed the resulting timbres.

4 - Are You Tired of Me (A.P.Carter)
A modern version of this old country song which I loved singing with good friend Kate Power's rich harmonies.

5 - Farewell Swallowtail (Lauren Sheehan)
Swallowtail is a small private school I founded and directed for 10 years. This tune came from the contemplative times during my transition from educator to full time musician.

6 - Drunk Man Blues (trad, Clarence Ashley)
This crooked old song speaks to quite a few of us.

7 - Risin' River Blues (trad, George Carter)
When I first heard this country blues in a workshop with maestro John Miller of Seattle, I instantly loved the rich and unusual chords.

8 - In My Girlish Days (E. Lawler)
A song for the spirited, written by the incomparable Memphis Minnie.

9 - Del ta Queen (Lauren Sheehan)
A banjo ditty that I developed from the playing of blues Queen Del Rey.

10 - Kind Hearted Woman (Robert Johnson)
It took a while to see a woman's perspective in this song, but once I changed the words a little, it made more sense.

11 - God's Gonna Ease My Troublin' Mind (trad, Clarence Ashley and Doc Watson)
A mountain blues with African-American roots, which I imagine being sung by a tortured soul walking through the countryside at night.

12 - Statesboro Blues (Willie McTell)
A country blues standard with a minor twist I learned from the playing of Alice Stewart.

13 - Only One Only (Gillian Welch & David Rawlings)
This is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite modern singers.

14 - Red Rocking Chair (trad)
Here's my version of this great old modal song.

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--{  Reviews & Quotes  }--

> 04/2006

> SingOut! 02/2006

> Music Matters Review #21 , 02/2006.
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> Willamette Week 10/19/05
Review at Willamette Week

> program download, Program #383

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"Hugely talented...wonderful set,"
Michael Rainsford, Blues In Britain Magazine

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--{  "Two Wings" One Sheet  }--

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