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Rose City Ramble


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--{  Accolades  }--

Accolades for “Rose City Ramble”:

Folk Roots/Folk Branches with Mike Regenstreif: Lauren Sheehan – Rose City Ramble:

Rose City Ramble scored #3 on the Folk DJ Radio Chart for May 2011:

...And #2 on the Oregon Roots Radio Chart for June 10, 2011:

Flying Shoes Review:

“Lauren, your new CD isabsolutely gorgeous - wonderful singing and playing and arrangements -”
—-Eleanor Ellis, renowned blues/folk artist.

“Your CD is excellent — it accompanied me (over and over) on my swing up from Seattle to Anacortes when I was very tired and had done too much driving. It's a keeper.”
—Peggy Seeger

“Bonjour Lauren, ...I immediately felt under the charm of your beautiful sweet voice. When you know I have a radio show called American Roots Music here in MILIEU, FRANCE, then you realize that it is the perfect place for your music to bloom...your voice is just beautiful and believe me we can hear it! Au revoir and take care, Mike PENARD”

“Just received RCR and will play in it holland and england! one of the best c.d.'s in 2011 so far, done with love, craftmanship and taste!! thanks!
—paul” — drs.Paul (Harkie) van Gelder’, Nightjock VARA, Holland

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--{  Track Listing  }--

1 - The Memory of Your Smile   /  3:08 Stanley Bros

2 - Dirty Rat Swing   /  3:39 Memphis Minnie

3 - In the Wee Midnight Hours   /  4:00 Blind Willie McTell

4 - Carroll County Blues   /  3:19 Trad/Arr. L. Sheehan

5 - Chilly Waters   /  4:46 L. Sheehan

6 - Honey Baby Blues   /  2:41 Trad/Arr. L. Sheehan

7 - Black is the Color   /  3:20 Trad/Arr. L. Sheehan

8 - Oh, the Candyman   /  2:45 Trad/Arr. L. Sheehan

9 - Satisfied Mind   /  3:08 Rhodes, Hayes

10 - I Want Jesus to Walk with Me   /  3:24 Trad/Arr. L. Sheehan

11 - Little Bird of Heaven   /  3:10 Martha Scanlon

12 - Oh, My Stars   /  3:23 Michael Hurley, Snocko Music, BMI

13 - Louie’s Blues   /  2:46 L. Sheehan

14 - Can’t Afford to Lose My Man   /  2:58 Memphis Minnie

15 - I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry   /  3:52 Hank Williams, Sr.

Total time: 50:49

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--{  Musicians  }--

Lauren Sheehan: guitar, resonator guitar, banjo, mandolin, and vocals

With Michael Ballash, Betsy Branch, Zoe Carpenter, Greg Clarke, Laura Quigley, Dean Meuller, Elizabeth Nicholson, Terry Robb, and Johnnie Ward

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--{  Credits  }--

Produced by Alan Garren/Waltzing Bear Audio, Lauren Sheehan and Billy Oskay

Recorded and mixed by Billy Oskay and Alan Garren at Big Red Studio, Corbett, OR, July 2009, May and September 2010

“I Want Jesus to Walk With Me” recorded by Neville Pierce, used with permission from Centrum, Port Townsend, WA

Mastered by Nick Moon at Tone Proper Mastering, Wilsonville, OR

Graphics by Joseph Chaijaroen of Asmble

Photography by Ed Carpenter, Sherrie Wolf and Norm Nicholson

Printing by Stumptown Printers, Portland, OR

Wilson River Records 503-224-6729

All songs arranged by Lauren Sheehan

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--{  Track Descriptions  }--

1 - The Memory of Your Smile
Johnnie: harmonica, Laura: bass and harmony, Michael: drums. We added more blue to this bluegrass classic.

2 - Dirty Rat Swing
Dean: bass, Michael: drums. Who doesn’t have this story in their biography somewhere? My version has been influenced by John Jackson, John Cephas and John Dee Holman. I snagged words from them and made up a few, too.

3 - In the Wee Midnight Hours
Johnnie: harmonica, Laura: bass, Zoe: harmony. This song feels like an old friend, especially around 3 a.m. or with my daughter singing close harmony. It's my interpretation from the McTell/Weaver recording.

4 - Carroll County Blues
Greg: mandolin. Mandolin duet on an old tune Greg taught me.

5 - Chilly Waters
Laura: bass. I wrote this in the rainforest of Tillamook Cty, OR, when it was pouring and the Wilson River was raging. It is a riff off the trad. song “Cold Rain and Snow” and celebrates the free range Goddesses in every woman.

6 - Honey Baby Blues
Greg: fretless banjo, Laura: bass, Zoe: harmony. The double banjo, family harmonies and bowed bass make for a good modern romp in Trad. stomping grounds.

7 - Black is the Color
I learned this about 30 years ago in Ireland, but I was listening to a little Lightnin’ Hopkins before I arranged this version.

8 - Oh, the Candyman
Dean: bass, Johnnie: saxello and vocals, Michael: drums. Influenced by Rosetta Howard's version.

9 - Satisfied Mind
This song is a bit autobiographical but also makes me think fondly of Don Broom, another of Portland’s fine musicians. Don died suddenly, but he exemplified living with a satisfied mind.

10 - I Want Jesus to Walk with Me
My version comes from the playing of Algia Mae Hinton, of Zebulon, NC.

11 - Little Bird of Heaven
Betsy: fiddle, Elizabeth: harmony. This song feels like a prayer flag.

12 - Oh, My Stars
Betsy: harmony, Elizabeth: harp and high harmony. This lovely song has been in my repertoire for over 30 years.

13 - Louie’s Blues
Dean: bass, Terry: guitar. I reworked this song from an old jam tape featuring Howard Armstrong. I tried to incorporate a lot of his lyrics and mandolin style, taking him at his word when he told me “Use what ever you want, however you want”.

14 - Can’t Afford to Lose My Man
Dean: bass. This song elicits a great and most entertaining commentary from band mates whenever we play it live.

15 - I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Laura: bass, Terry: slide.

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