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Terry Robb and Lauren
Acoustic Blues and Beyond

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Serious steam rises when Terry Robb and Lauren Sheehan take the stage. The duo explores country blues traditions from the deep south to the Pacific NW with combinations of guitars, slide and lap slide, mandolin and vocals. Whether rooting up old style blues or celebrating modern boogies, Robb’s burning guitar, fleet fingers, wry humor, and intensity mesmerize audiences, while Songster Sheehan’s fine playing and nuanced, sandy-edged vocals flow like cool river water through Robb’s fire. Their material represents an unusual breadth of our blues traditions, ranging from Delta to ragtime, from Piedmont to old swing and country.

Terry and Lauren first met in 2004 when they jammed together at the Blues by the Sea festival in Seaside, OR. They continued to enjoy haphazard meetings at subsequent festivals and events. After an inspiring concert together in early 2008, they decided to work as a duo. They made their first major festival appearances that summer at the 2008 Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival, in Portland, OR, and at Centrum’s Port Townsend Blues Festival in Port Townsend, WA. They finished recording their first demo CD in 2009.

One of the premier guitarists on the West Coast, Robb is a musician’s musician and an enormously popular performer, studio musician and producer. He is an established icon in a pantheon that includes John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Leo Lottke, Peter Lang, John Renbourne and Stefan Grossman. His extensive recordings include Heart Made of Steel (Burnside), When I Play My Blues Guitar (Burnside) and Resting Place (Yellow Dog Records), his most recent album. Robb has collaborated with numerous other artists on their recording projects including Phil Kellog, Sheila Wilcoxson, Curtis Salgado, Alice Stuart, and contributed to the sound track of the Robert Redford blockbuster, The Horse Whisperer.

Sheehan’s professional career took off in 2003 as her first CD rocketed to National and International acclaim. Sheehan’s first album, 2003’s Some Old Lonesome Day (Wilson River) received significant airplay and strong reviews from around the world. Her 2005 recording Two Wings (Wilson River Records) charted at #18 on Roots Blues Chart, #1 on the Folk DJ chart and #7 on the FAR chart. Much of her music comes directly from time spent with some of America’s greatest folk and blues artists and National Heritage Fellows.

> Watch Terry and Lauren at Waterfront Blues Fest. 2008
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Full tracks
MP3 file format.
> Track 1 "Nothin' In Ramblin" / 3.6 MB
> Track 2 "Move To Alabama" / 3.8 MB
> Track 3 "Weary Blues" / 4.8 MB
> Track 4 "Front Porch Boogie" / 2.9 MB


Press Quotes
“In the annals of great male-female musical couplings, Terry Robb and Lauren Sheehan may just be the new gold standard. Robb’s explosive acoustic blues ferocity tempered by Sheehan’s sensual old time spunk makes for riveting interplay. That old chestnut of an act being more than the sum of the parts has never been more true.”
- Lisa Lepine, Bite of Oregon Artistic Director

“I sure love the way Terry plays that acoustic slide.”
- Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)

“What distinguishes this recording is Robb’s superb production, Robb is an extraordinary sympathetic accompanist to John Fahey.”
- Kurt Loder, Rolling Stone Magazine

“Lauren Sheehan has been hailed as “ American roots to capture the real spirit of the music, nestling in a territory where black and white music meet without prejudice and restriction.”
- Peter McCracken, Director, Port Townsend Country Blues Festival

“Hugely talented...wonderful set, (Two Wings)”
- Michael Rainsford, Blues In Britain Magazine

Selected Performances
Terry has toured withBuddy Guy, John Fahey, Steve Miller and more, and was a guest on national TV, The Conan O’Brian show.

Lauren has shared the stage with Odetta, Cephas and Wiggins, Hawkeye Herman, Steve James, Mary Flower, Joe McMurrian Quartet and many others.

> Terry and Lauren at Waterfront Blues Fest. 2008

For booking
Lauren Sheehan
phone: 503 227 4259

** Download one-sheet here **


Terry and Lauren, B&W.

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Terry and Lauren in Concert Color, image one.

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Terry and Lauren in Concert Color, image two.

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